Anger Room Review

Has your team ever lost the big game and you didn’t know how to channel your frustration? Have you ever yelled at a loved one, or broken something in your home?  Games, like life, can be stressful, but remember don’t let it impact those you love. Find a better outlet, like the Anger Room.

Some of you may have heard of these rooms where you pay a small fee to then go into the room and TEAR SH!T UP!  I’m a very chill guy, but love a challenge. Further, I know there are some that could actually benefit from a service like this. Being that there is one right here in Dallas, TX I went ahead and booked a 15 minute session to see if I was up to the ‘challenge’.

We showed up and first things first its waiver central. There were 3 different waivers that I had to sign. Not the first time I’ve signed my life away and won’t be the last either. After getting through the paperwork they take you to the a room to go over what is going to happen and then get you geared up.

The gear that you are required to wear:

-Hard Hat

-Eye Goggles (watch the video I didn’t have mine on at first!)



You then get to pick out two weapons of choice. I went for the crowbar and baseball bat. I’m also a Walking Dead Fan and the show sent a few of the Lucille bats used during the production of the show to Anger Room to have guests use (there is an upcharge to use Lucille). I was allowed to pose with Lucille, as pictured above.

They then tell you stretch out, because you are about to do some WORK! They tell you that you will get tired and may not be able to finish and that it’s ok you just have to sign the wall of shame. For me that is not an option. I’ll go hard or die trying. I told them to put on some Kevin Gates: “I Don’t Get Tired” and then we were escorted to the room.

The room was a large area that had a set up of a couch, chair, table, some glassware and most important for my tailgaters a TV.  The music cuts on and you also have a ‘hype man’ in the room to help keep you going when you get tired. My first thing to attack was the TV, because when your team loses it seems that many people want to take out their anger on the TV. I did just that and swung a baseball bat the screen multiple times and then tossed the TV on the floor.

From there it’s really chaos as you try to break everything you can within 15 minutes. Let me tell you it was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I was working hard to destory everything and get the full experience and wow it was an amazing workout. I work out on the regular, but this was a different level that I’m not sure I was fully prepared for. From picking up couches to slamming tables I was exhausted at the conclusion of the 15 minutes. I did not have to sign the wall of shame though.

I was pouring in sweat, had particles of glass all over me, had bruises on my arm, cuts on my arm and some blood on my pants, but it was totally worth it. We celebrated afterwards by hitting up Deep Ellum for some brews and food to recover. It’s been 2 days since I completed the Anger Room challenge and I’m still sore.

You can get a 5 minute version too and this may be better if you just want to blow off steam for a few minutes. The 15 minute edition was intense and a great workout.

If you’re ready to blow off some steam and get a great workout then it’s time to check out the Anger Room. If you do it tag me in your posts as I want to see how you dominated the room!

Check out the Anger Room HERE

*The Anger Room is not a place for kids. Use of the Anger Room could result in personal injury. Use at your own risk and Be Safe!

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