Beer Pager Review

Keep losing your beer? Do your friends keeps moving it around on you? No worries beer pager to the rescue.

The Beer Pager is equipped with a remote control so that when you hit the button your beer koozie lights up, and plays whatever recorded message that you’ve made. They also make a version with prepopulated sounds as well.

It’s made with a sturdy base to make sure your beer is held securely in place. The koozie has velcro on it so it can be detached from the light up base if you like.

This would make a great gift for anyone that loves a cold beer, and likes to have fun!

What I also love to do with mine is set it in a room and when someone goes in there hit the button so it starts making noise and lighting up. Can’t you tell my loves this product too:) I do not recommend this tip should your significant other be in a cranky mood, user beware!

Pros: Good quality material, pager works from good distances away, keeps beer cold. can really scare people too:)

Cons: you still have to keep up with the remote control

Overall: a fun gift for the guy that has everything or something to make you smile. I liked that you can record your own message and even make it cheer for your team when they score a touchdown with a click of the button!

Get yours HERE 

*The opinions are mine and mine alone. Remember to always drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!

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