Beer Tie Review

Because even when you keep it classy you still need a beer.

When I first saw the Beer Tie I was skeptical and had plenty of questions about the validity of this product. We got a couple of the beer ties in for review and can say I’m much more impressed after using them and speaking with the owners of the product line.

First, the owners are great people, super responsive and great to work with. Second, these Beer Ties are FUN.

I went to a wedding this past weekend and while the wedding party frowned on me wearing the Beer Tie to the wedding, they all loved it at the reception.

The Beer Tie is made of a high quality waterproof neoprene and looks and feels great. There is a velcro neck band that you can easily tuck under your collared shirt:) The Beer Tie will hold a bottle or canned beverage. There is a velcro clasp at the bottom of the koozie and can adjust to help fit your can or bottle perfectly. You can add a bottle opener to the tie, but in my opinion it was a little much.

PROS: fun idea, high quality material, ability to customize a logo on the tie, people are very interested in whats on your tie!

CONS: still can’t wear to work(unless you’re a professional tailgater), need the ability to add college or pro team logos

While this is still a novelty item, it is fun and can be used in a variety of situations to get a smile out of everyone. The Beer Tie also makes an awesome promotional tool to brand your business with.

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