BevBuckle Review

When you are deep in the heart of Texas then belt buckles are life, but what if your belt buckle could do more than just look great. What if it could have a purpose that would make you the hit of the party? The BevBuckle has created a Beer Buckle that helps you do more with a belt buckle.

The BevBuckle, on the surface, is just another belt buckle, until you flip it into PARTY MODE! The BevBuckle will flip down to provide a surface to set your drink on. No table around? No Problem! The BevBuckle does a great job at holding cans and bottles ( I think it does better with cans in my use). The BevBuckle is secure enough for you to even dance while your belt buckle holds your beer (watch the video below to see my with my dance moves….or lack thereof!)  The BevBuckle will require a belt that can accept adding a belt buckle to it.

*Note: Not all belts will allow you to use the BevBuckle with.

PROS: fun idea that will get everyone talking at the party, it can securely hold your drink while you move around.

CONS: A can with a koozie on it will not fit in our use. As a side note adding a bottle opener to the front of the BevBuckle would be a FUN idea.

Overall, if you want to have a fun idea that will make you the hit of the party, then its time to buckle up and get the BevBuckle!

You can order yours:

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