Bevometer Digital Koozie Review

The first digital koozie. Should you add this to your tailgating arsenal? Let’s find out:

Ever been at a tailgating event and wondered, how many drinks have I had? Sure, we likely have all done that on one occasion or the other. The Bevometer is here to help you think, so you can just have fun!

The Bevometer is a koozie that has built in technology that tracks how many drinks you have had that day. It also tracks total drinks over the course of the life you own the Bevometer.

We tested it out and it works as advertised. Its a very trendy gadget that would make a great gift for someone this time of the year. These koozies come in different colors and you have the ability to customize these to make them one of a kind!

Bevometers mission is to help promote responsible drinking and having a ‘smart’ koozie is a great start.

PROS: Koozie with built in technology, ability to customize, know how many drinks you have had

CONS: the koozie is a bit wide and hard, so those with smaller hands may have some minor concerns.

Overall very neat idea that has some additional possibilities to expand it to make it even more amazing and on the cutting edge!

Order one today and start keeping track of your drinks!

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