Beyond Meat Review

Hamburgers are part of tailgate culture. Having some burgers on the grill before the big game is what we live for, but is eating beef always the best way to go? From being unhealthy, to harming cows, to people who live a vegan lifestyle, beef isn’t always what’s for dinner. I know you’re thinking, not another gross veggie patty that no one will eat and the team at Beyond Meat knew a change had to be made. That is why the Beyond Meat Burgers were born.

The Beyond Meat Burgers are burgers made from plants. To be more specific, they are burgers made from Pea Protein (20grams per serving). There is no soy in these burgers, which is a good thing for many reasons. Other ingredients in the burger include water, canola oil, coconut oil and beet juice (this makes the burger bleed when cooking!) At this point you’re thinking this sounds way too healthy and it’s going to taste like cardboard. This is why I had to take the Beyond Burger Challenge.

I got a few containers of the Beyond Meat Burgers and fired the grill up. Upon opening the burgers you could tell they smelled different than meat. Not bad, but I could smell the difference. I placed them on the grill and the sizzle started. After being on the grill a few minutes I checked in and saw the red juices starting to form on the tops of the burgers. That is the beet juice coming to the surface to simulate the blood of a real burger. When flipping the burgers I noticed they stuck to the grill more than a regular burger would and I had to work the spatula underneath to get them off the grill. The grilling process takes about the same amount of time as it normally would to grill a beef patty. Once completed it was time for the ultimate test, the taste test.

I had a group of friends over to help taste test these burgers and didn’t tell them they were meatless burgers. Everyone prepared their burger, as they normally would, and could tell the burger was different, but they weren’t sure why, yet. I then sat back and watched peoples expressions as they ate the burgers and got feedback from them on what they thought. Comments like extremely moist and very good were prevalent. Everyone cleaned their plate, which tells quite a bit. I told them afterwards that they had eaten a Beyond Meat Burger and what was in the burger. People were shocked and stated it was the best vegan burger they had ever taste and that it was pretty close to a regular burger.

My personal observations on the Beyond Meat Burgers:
-They smell a little different.
-They cook almost identical to a regular burger.
-The burgers are very moist.
-The burgers taste almost like a regular burger, but you still know it’s not beef.
-Best vegan burger ever. 

Overall, I was impressed with the Beyond Meat Burgers. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first, as I thought it was just another health fad getting hyped up, but these are legit. If you’re looking to watch your weight/cholesterol, or want to cater to your vegan friends this is the burger to try. They also have Sausages and Chicken that we may need to check out in the future.  My question for you: Are you ready to take our Beyond Burger Challenge?
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