Biolite CampStove Review

Whether you are at a tailgate or out camping, fire and the ability to charge electronics both come into play. What if I told you that there is a product that turns fire into power that can charge your mobile devices? Nope, its not a pipe dream its the BioLite Camp Campstove!

So how does that work? Pretty easy actually. You simply put some small wood, twigs, etc into the fire pit area of the device and start your fire. There is a blower on the device too, that will really stoke your fire. Once you get the fire going strong you can hook up your USB electronic device (think smartphone, gopro camera, etc) to charge your device with the power of FIRE!

This requires no petroleum or other gas supply just some twigs you find on your travels (goes without saying but DRY wood works best) Aside from being able to charge your electronics it can also be a grill. Now you won’t be able to feed a stadium full of your best friends, but you can easily cook a few things for you and a couple of your friends on this grill. 

PROS: burns clean, turns fire into power for your electronics, small/lightweight (2lbs) you can grill out on it!

CONS: You need the blower part fully charged for it to work best in charging electronics. 

Overall, if you camp, tailgate or just need something to cook with and charge electronics with if the power goes out, then you need to check out this truly revolutionary product. 


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