BlowFish Review

Great Day After Hangover Cure!

If you’ve ever tailgated or had any level of fun in your life you’ve probably had a tough morning the next day. Well it’s time you check out BlowFish. This is an effervescent tab that dissolves in water and will quickly take action and make you feel like a champ again.

I had been aware of Blowfish well before this formal review, as we liked BlowFish enough to give every guest at our wedding a package of this cure at our reception.  Let’s say we received many thanks for the good will gesture.

PROS: really helps with a hangover, neutral taste

CONS: These are in CVS and Walgreens now with hopefully MORE stores carrying it soon.

Overall if you’re on the fence with trying this I’d suggest giving it a try. I’m pretty sure you will then order a larger supply and keep in stock for emergency!

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