Boom Cups Review

We all have a go to drink that we can usually make with precision, but what happens when you throw a big tailgate party and there are different requests for drinks that maybe you aren’t as familiar with? Have no fear, Boom Cups to the rescue. What is a cup going to do to help me be a better bartender, great question.

Boom Cups are clear plastic cups that include five classic drink recipes on the glass. The glass literally has the lines to show you how much of each thing to pour in the cup to make the perfect cocktail. The drinks currently included on the cup are: Margarita, Long Island Ice Tea (one of the most complicated drinks ever), Manhattan, Cosmo and the new drink: F-Boom.

The cup tells you what you need and how much you need. The great part is that it is just a guide, so if you want to add a little more or less of a certain liquid you are in charge.


PROS: economical way to be a bartender with no class, don’t have to be afraid to make a complicated drink

CONS: more drink recipes would be nice

Overall Boom cups are a fun and educational tool to make all of your guests think you’ve been attending bartenders school.

Check them out today HERE

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