Booze Belly Review

Raise your hand if you ever wore a fanny pack…come on now, put that hand up high, you know we all have sported the awesome accessory at some point in our lives.  The fanny pack has gotten a makeover thanks to the owners of Go Pong with The Booze Belly Stealth Flask.

The Booze Belly Stealth Flask is a thick plastic pouch attached to an adjustable one-size-fits-all strap that easily fits around your waist like a fanny pack…sorta like a wearable flask. There is a small tube with a spout attached to the plastic bag, which holds up to 750 ML of your favorite drink, making it easy to pour your favorite drink into a cup whether you are sitting or standing.   There is even a little velcro to help keep the tube in place when you aren’t using it.  They thought of everything.

We tried it with both water and a mixed adult beverage and both worked well.  The plastic bag held the drinks without any leaks and wasn’t too cumbersome to wear, making it perfect to discretely hide The Booze Belly under your jacket, sweatshirt or any other type of clothing.  The only issue we had was trying to get all of the liquid out; both times there was a little left in the pouch.  The cleaning was a little difficult but it does come with cleaning directions.

This would be a great product for anyone who is looking for a way to easily and discretely carry around your drink like stadiums, arenas, parks, etc.

Pros: one size fits all, not too cumbersome, you will be the envy of all friends, save money on adult beverages when going out, everyone loves a fanny pack. 🙂

Cons: cleaning is a bit difficult, you can only fill the container with something that doesn’t have to stay cool since the liquid will warm rather quickly being next to your body….if you are filling with straight liquor (like a flask) this won’t be an issue.

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