Bottle Breacher Review

Beer and Bullets a perfect combo? Normally I’d say that’s a questionable call, at best. That was until I was introduced to the Bottle Breacher. The team at Bottle Breacher produces used 50 caliber rounds that have been made into the most manly way to open your favorite beverage that I’ve come across. Whats even better is that they can customize the bullet with a phrase or company logo. Obviously, we got Tailgating Challenge on ours:)

If you have followed us for any period of time you know I review a ton of awesome tailgating stuff. This was one product that I was anxiously awaiting and legitimately excited for it to come in the mail.  When it arrived I was not disappointed! It comes it a very nice box that would make an excellent gift and bullet was awesome (side note that these would make amazing gifts to give a groomsman or have at bachelor party, but I digress)
So it passed the eye test, as it looks and feels amazing, but can it do what it was designed to do: open my drink? Only one way to find out. I took out a beer and it made quick work of the pesky bottle cap that was the only thing between me and being able to stay hydrated.
PROS: Looks awesome, feels awesome, make you want to open everyone’s drink
CONS: Honestly haven’t found one yet. I know I’m as surprised as you. I guess the only thing to make this more tailgate friendly would be a licensing agreement to offer these in your fav team colors and logos.
Overall, this is the coolest bottle opener I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I highly recommend you try out a Bottle Breacher and attack the bottle caps like never before.

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