Bottle Keeper Review

Do you love koozie’s, but feel like you want to protect your beverage better? Hello BottleKeeper! This stainless steel koozie on steroids is ready to help you PROTECT YOUR DRINK!
You slide your beer into the stainless sheeth, that is lined in neoprene, and then lock and load.  The BottleKeeper was designed to keep your drink cold and also protect the drink should it slide out of your hand (be honest it has happened to all of us at one time or another) Who wants to commit the ultimate party foul and waste a drink?
PROS: stylish, able to keep drink cold and protected
CONS: not all beers will fit (they are designing the next wave to fix this issue)
Overall this is a unique item that will be awesome for some,especially those of us with butter fingers:)

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