Brew House Beer Chillers Review

It is a well known fact that the colder the beer is the better the better it tastes. The team at Brew House invented the Beer Chiller to help make your delicious beverage stay cold longer!

The Beer Chiller is a stainless steel tube that you can freeze (for at least an hour) to then be inserted into a beer bottle to keep it cold longer.

The Beer Chiller comes in a pack of two. Once we got ours in we put them in the freezer to get them ice cold and then pulled out some beers to test.

The first step is that you have take a big gulp of the beer, prior to inserting the Beer Chiller. If you do not then you will commit the party foul of shooting beer out of the top. That is being wasteful and we can’t condone it!

From there you insert the Beer Chiller and then press firmly down at the end to click it into place on the bottle.

The Beer Chiller fits well and looks nice on the bottle (see the pic to the right with it installed) but does it actually work? We did some tests with one beer that we inserted the beer chiller in and the other we did not. Here are the results:

After 15 minutes the Beer Chiller actually got the beer 3 degrees colder than it was from the start time, where as the beer without the Beer Chiller went up 5 degrees.  After 30 minutes the Beer Chiller still maintained 4 degrees colder temperature than the beer that did not have the Beer Chiller.

The Beer Chiller will keep your beer colder, the only downfall is that it works for about 30 minutes and then if you drink more than one beer (who would every do that haha) then you’d need to have another Beer Chiller in the freezer ready to ice your next drink down.

PROS: looks great, easy install, gets beer up to 8 degrees colder when using the Beer Chiller.

CONS: You would need multiple Beer Chillers if you plan on drinking for more than 30 minutes.

Overall, this is a fun and classy looking product that will make your beer colder. If you’re throwing a big time party, having a stash of these will really impress your guests!

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*The opinions above are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary and please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. 

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