BROpener Review

We all have been there.  Walking around a party with a bottle of beer looking for that bottle opener that has been floating around.  You can’t seem to find it so you try your keychain, lighter or edge of a table to try to crack open that frosty beverage.  Well the makers of Bropener have solved your problem.  Their clever new bottle opener sticks to any hard surface and in one easy motion you can not only open your bottle, but find the cap you just flipped off.  Made out of metal, the back side has an adhesive you can stick to almost anything.  I used my kitchen counter but they also advertise a boat and the back of your car for tailgating. If you decided later you want to move it to a different location, they do sell an extra tape set (5 pieces).
 Their is a magnet between the adhesive tape and metal that secures the bottle cap once it flips off.  A nice little touch since bottle caps have been known to go MIA with some openers.  I tested it out at a gathering and most of us figured out the perfect motion to open the bottle on the first try.  But there were two or three people that needed a few attempts before mastering the Bropener.  They do show a video on their website on how to install the Bropener and how to use it.
Pros:  Clever idea that can be used any where, works as promised, sturdy metal and magnet, size is small enough where it wouldn’t be an eye-sore where ever you placed it, you can get them customized.
Cons: Not a variety of colors to choose from on their website, there was a little scratching on the top of the Bropener but I’m not sure there is much you can about that.
Overall the Bropener is a different product than I have seen out there in the market and it is perfect for someone who camps, tailgates, host parties, etc. and needs a bottle opener, especially one that can be found on a moments notice.  It does take a little practice to master the perfect hit of the cap, but everyone at my party eventually figured it out and seemed to like it.


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