BucketBall Review

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes more time outside having fun with friends. The new BucketBall game is perfect for the pool or beach get togethers this summer.

The BucketBall game is like a giant pong game (so the solo cups have transformed into buckets). There is a set of blue and orange buckets and its recommended to fill all the buckets up with some water to stabilize them when throwing. If you don’t do this the buckets will be more easily knocked over and much harder to sink your shot.

Same rules can appy as normal pong, so when your opponent makes a shot (tennis balls are used) that bucket is removed and each team can have one rerack of the buckets.

As with all games you can turn them into drinking games and we took it a step further (see video below). BucketBall recommends to fill each bucket up with some water to stablize, but what if you filled each up with BEER!? This takes GIANT PONG to the next level.

**As always please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!

PROS: easily portable with the stacking of buckets and the carrying case, takes pong to a different level, fun bright bucket colors.

CONS: Game is much harder than anticipated (Guess we all need some more practice;)) Has to have some weight in bottom of each bucket to be properly played.

Overall, this is a fun game that can take classic pong to the next level. I think it’s perfect for pool or beach parties. If you want to supersize your pong this summer then get a BucketBall set HERE.

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