Bulletproof Pint Glass Review

When you have a good beer you have to have a good pint glass to pour the ice cold beer into. Being able to see the color of the beer helps with the overall user experience. As you know I’m a unique guy, so a basic pint glass just won’t due, I need something that stands out. That’s why I was pumped when I got the Bulletproof pint glassin from Patriot Depot.

The Bulletproof pint glass takes your average pint glass, but it adds one amazing thing: A 50 Caliber Bullet! That’s right a real 50 caliber bullet is embedded into the glass. It looks like someone actually shot the round into the glass and it got stuck. The glass is hand blown to fit the 50 cal bullet in the glass perfectly.

When I first got this in, I’ll be honest, I was excited to use it because it’s the most bad ass pint glass I’ve seen in my day (if you’ve seen a better one please hit me up!). The glass gets a lot of attention from your friends who want to see it and try to figure out how the bullet got in the glass. The bullet comes in handy as a type of grip you can slip your fingers between to grip your drink and ensure you never drop it.

The only bad thing about this glass is that it has to be hand washed. Which isn’t a big deal, as most custom style glasses and tumblers are nowadays. Please also remember that while it seems this glass is bulletproof, it really isn’t. So if you actually attempt to put your own bullet through it then you’ll be without a glass.

Overall, this quickly became one of my favorite glasses to have an ice cold craft beer in. I’m sure that if you like to stand out and be different, like me, then you’ll be clicking below to visit Patriot Depot to get yours today.


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