BumpBoxx Review

Old school classic styling with all the conveniences of today’s modern world. The Bumpboox classic BoomBox takes you back in time, but still gives you all the technology you need to make a classic better.

We got to test out the red and the blue bumpboxx’s that did not dissapoint. As soon as you open the box it takes you back in time, but as I looked closer there was bluetooth, wireless microphone (included), ability to hook up a guitar, ability to hook both bumpboxx speakers together (double the power), a remote control and more.

The BumpBoxx is ready to go out of the box and all that was needed was batteries for the wirless mic and remote control. The unit was simple to pair with my iphone and we were up and bumping in no time flat.

The BumpBoxx is a little heavy, roughly 30 pounds, but comes with a build in handle, a shoulder strap and even the hand grip in the back if you want to rock it old school (see pic on your right)

BumpBoxx produces high quality sound and can get real loud. Yes, I’ve had friends and family tell me to turn it down:) My favorite part of the BumpBoxx is the wireless mic. This can come in handy for so many things. My favorite is having a mic in my hands after tailgating for a few hours, pure gold!

There have been no technical issues or problems of any sort with the two units I have been sent. Everyone that sees these does a double take as they think they are seeing a ghost come back to life, but better than ever!

PROS: classic styling, bluetooth, wireless mic, remote control, variety of colors, great sound, ability to link muliple BumpBoxxes together to increase sound even more.

CONS: The unit is big and alittle heavy. For some, a smaller version would be better. I would like the sound motion LED’s to activate at all volume levels (currently only when volume is over 50%). The Wireless Mic and remote needed batteries.

OVERALL: this is a remake of a classic that is perfect for tailgating, outdoor parties and much more. Having a wireless mic, Bluetooth and more modern conveniences makes this a must have item.

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