BurgaBox Review

Burgers are a staple at every tailgate, but have you taken your burger game to the next level? With the BurgaBox you can. They send you everything you need from 1/2 pound burgers, to the sides and the toppings for the burgers. The toppings that add the flavor combinations is where the BurgaBox sets itself apart. Let me explain this more. We were sent three different types of burgers to try out:

The Vermonster: has bacon, sharp cheddar, sweet sauteed apples and onions with maple mayo.

The Mac Attack: has bacon with mac n cheese over the top of the burger (seen in above pic)

The Hot Mess: 1000 island dressing, sweet potao fries, sharp cheddar, lettuce and some hot mess sauce

You can see these burgers have unique flavors that are designed to bring out a flavor explosion when burger meets your tastebuds.

Let’s talk about how you get these burgers prepared. The BurgaBox is shipped to you in a cooler to keep the contents cold and fresh. They send everything you need to make the burgers, that we mentioned above. There are multiple steps to get everything going, so this may be different vs. you standing over a grill and then serving the burgers up.

For example, we had to heat up mac n cheese in the oven, cook bacon on the stove and have the burgers grilling. Then toast the buns on the grill prior to building a masterpiece. You will need to budget some additional time and being able to multitask will make this a success, or you can put people in charge of different aspects of the prep to be efficient and use your friends to their full capabilities.

So we know they ship to your door, they have some fun ingredients and some additional prep time, but the million dollar question: how do they taste?

We built each of the 3 burgers mentioned above and in one word: WOW, the flavor and quality of the ingredients was able to be tasted immediately. Every person that tried these burgers came away impressed and FULL. One burger will full up a grown man, trust me. (As I write this the next day I still feel full haha)

These BurgaBox burgers also make for great meat porn pics that will make your friends mouths water.

Check out the video below to see all the ingredients before and after and the taste test.

PROS: ship to your door with everything you need, taste great, look great in pics.

CONS: There is more overall prep time that his needed to make a masterpiece.

Overall, If you’re tired of a basic burger then its time to order a BurgaBox. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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*The opinions are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary. 

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