C3 Custom Cooler Creations Review

There are so many cooler options to choose from today that it can be overwhelming. I enjoy a cold drink, but I also like to have fun and be different. The C3 Custom Cooler could be the most fun cooler I’ve ever had the chance to use and I’ve tested more fun coolers than just about anyone (Click Here for Proof)

The C3 Custom Cooler is the cooler that you can control with a remote control! Next time your friends need a refill on their drink you don’t have to get up,just drive the cooler over to them from the comfort of your tailgating chair. Talk about a crowd pleaser.

In addition to keeping drinks cold and being remote controlled, the C3 Custom Cooler also has a bluetooth stereo built in, so while you are driving it around you can play your favorite songs. We all know that the party could last into the night, so the C3 Custom Cooler has built in LED head lights so you can see where you’re going.

The C3 Custom Cooler is charged with a rechargeable battery that provides hours of fun (to fully charge it can take up to12 hours),you can also add on a roof rack, a flag holder and customer graphics to make it your own style.

At this point we all know this cooler is really fun, but how does it do in the ice test. I put 16 pounds of ice (almost getting it filled to the top) and closed the top. In 24 hours a majority of the ice had melted in the heat. This makes it a good tailgating cooler to use for an afternoon of fun, but not something that you will use to keep ice for days.

PROS: Super fun cooler,head lights, sound system, remote controlled (approximately 100 feet) remote also lets you go forward and reverse and has 3 speeds.

CONS: Could keep ice longer, would be nice to have volume controls for the music on the cooler or remote.

Overall, this is a really fun cooler that will be the hit of your next party. If you want to stand out and have more fun than you have ever had with a cooler before, then its time to get a C3 Custom Cooler.

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*The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary.

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