Cheer Shield Review

If you love to tailgate then I bet you are a BIG time fan of sports. We all have a favorite team, or player, that we have to cheer for. Players and teams can feed from the enthusiasm of fans, so we must do our part in the stands. The team at Cheer Shield has made yet another great way to show your fandom with these custom

Cheer Shields.

The Cheer Shield is essentially a ‘shield’ that you can have a custom logo or message on to help cheer on your team. We had ours designed with my motto “Don’t Hate Just Tailgate” (on a side note, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all lived by this?)

The team at Cheer Shield took my idea and crafted up what you see in the pics, a pretty sweet looking shield that we get to show off. The Cheer Shield has a solid grip on the back and you can easily hold your drink of choice and the Cheer Shield in one hand.

PROS: cool idea, you can customize, stand out in the crowd. It can stand up to some rain!

CONS: it is light-weight but adding a carabiner to let it attach to your pants when you don’t want to carry it could be a nice upgrade for portability.

Overall, fun idea with the ability to customize to be just as awesome as you are. If you’re in the stands cheering on your team, then you need to step it up this season with Cheer Shield….your team needs you!

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