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Warm beer sucks. There I said it. Not that it is a ground breaking statement, but that it was something that could haunt us, if we don’t plan correctly. Let’s face it there has been a time when all you had was a lukewarm beer that didn’t fit in the fridge, or make it in the cooler. Have no fear the ChillBit is here.

The ChillBit is made by the team at SpinChill who love to take warm beer and make it cold..FAST! The ChillBit is a literally a drill bit that fits into your power screw driver with a clip on the end for a can of beer. You attach the ChillBit to the power screw driver and then hook up a beer to the end(works with both bottles and cans). Find some ice and then pull the trigger. Let the beer spin in the ice for 60 seconds to bring the temperature down 20 degrees. You can go a little longer if you want even colder. Now I know what you’re going to say; well thats great, but then the beer explodes all over the place when you open it! WRONG! I’ve tested multiple times with little to no explosion at all, so the cold beer is all yours to drink! Check the video to see the ChillBit in action and what happens when we open it right after use.

The ChillBit can only do one beer at a time. Can you imagine when they bring out the six pack edition!?


PROS: Chills beer in 60 seconds by 20 degrees, small and portable, fun concept to show off, works with cans or bottles

CONS: must have a powered screw driver, only does 1 beer at a time


If you hate warm beer and need a contingency plan in place, then its time to get the ChillBit! WHY? Because warm beer sucks!

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