Crafty Mule Copper Cups Review

If you love Moscow Mules then you know the importance of having the right cups to enjoy this delicious beverage…Copper Cups! The team at Crafty Mule sent us their signature 100% copper cups to test out.

The Crafy Mule copper cups are sold in sets of 2 that come with a copper muddler and copper shot glass, so you can make the perfect drink for your friends.

There is a history of using copper cups when drinking the moscow mule. For some, its all about the presentation when serving this iconic beverage. For others, its the way the copper keeps the drink ice cold. For others, there is a mild oxidation when the vodka hits the copper that brings out some additional flavors. With all of the positives for using a copper mug it is a no brainer you better get one when you serve up some Mules!

The Crafty Mule set of copper cups look great with the bright copper shine, mixed with the hammered edges, give these cups the look you will love.


PROS: great looking cups, come in set of 2, comes with copper spoon and shot glass.

CONS: like ALL copper cups you can not place in the dishwasher.


Overall, if you’re ready to step your Mule game up, then its time to get Crafty with Crafty Mule.

See the video review and ordering link here:

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