D-Darts Review

Games and Beer go hand in hand when you are tailgating, but have you ever thought to throw a dart at your beer?
Well the crew at D-Darts (the D stands for drinking) had the notion that throwing darts at beers could increase the overall fun factor. They came up with Drinking Darts that uses FOUR beer cans to play with.

My D-Darts game came in and it was in a larger box than I anticipated. There were two Drinking Darts games included, so you could set them up like cornhole where two teams challenge each other on getting to 21 points.
For scoring it goes as:
1 point for hitting the board
2 points for hitting on or inside the D in the center of the board
3 points for hitting one of the four beer cans
Now when you hit the beer it’s time to drink! Crack the beer open and chug it on down. Each time you hit a beer and drink one the game gets a little bit more fun….go figure:)
This isn’t the only Beer Darts game on the market, but let’s talk about what makes this one different:
-It holds 4 beers. The other games hold 1
-How it holds the beer: Only the tops of the beer can is exposed. Other beer games the entire side of the beer is exposed (more beer is lost)
-Size of the game. This game is bigger and has better looks than other games I’ve tried. This can also be the major CON for this game as it is not as portable as other games I’ve tested.
Let’s talk about the monkey in the room, the loss of beer when poking a hole in a beer. I love beer and I’m not a fan of needless loss of beer. This was something I monitored when we played this game and yes there is a little bit of beer that flows out when the can is punctured, but far less than I anticipated. Compared to other games this had the least amount of beer lost.
(Watch the video below and the only reason more beer was lost was due to the person opening the beer)
Beer and Darts is the new craze that you will see at a tailgate this year. There is something satisfying about throwing a dart and striking the beer can. Call me crazy, but I’m a fan of Drinking Darts. If I’m a betting man then I bet you’ll enjoy it too.

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