Dealing with Hangovers this tailgating season


With tailgating comes the chance of having a little too much adult fun and the chance of feeling less than remarkable the next day. We have had the chance to experiment with a variety of product s that claim to help your hangover.

In testing these products we found an unlikely combination that helps to start working before you begin imbibing and then a follow up product to take the edge off the following day.

With all anti-hangover products we know that if you drink way more than you should then there may be little help, but if you pair the Forget Hangovers all natural vitamin patch with Blowfish for hangovers together as a one two punch you will feel MUCH better than doing nothing.

The Forget Hangover patch should be applied before you begin consuming alcohol. It is a patch that releases vitamin B to help combat the damage the alcohol is causing. Then when you awake the next morning take two of the Blowfish for hangovers to feel like a champ. Blowfish for hangovers are effervescent tablets that dissolve in water and have a very mild taste that is very easy to drink.

These are two products that would pit themselves as rivals, but we believe its the perfect combination to help you this tailgating season. Give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.

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