Great Big Logo Review

There are so many ways to show your team spirit, but the team at Great Big Logo has taken it to the next level by showcasing the love of your team by painting your lawn!?

You heard correctly, you can now paint your team logo on your lawn just like they paint the field before the big game! Your neighbors will either love you or hate you, depending on what team it is;)

The kit comes to your door in a reasonably small package. The contents include 6 cans of paint (environmentally friendly), a large template that will help guide you to a masterpiece, and 4 stakes to hold the template in place while you work your artistic magic!

I’ll be honest I wasn’t too sure how this was going to turn out when I started, neither were my neighbors or wife for that matter! I digress. I went out and picked out a nice spot on my lawn to lay the template and then put one of the included stakes in each corner. You then take the can of spray paint and spray it over all of the little holes in your template. This gives you the design. You then remove the stakes and move the template off to the side. From there go you back in with your spray paint and essentially connect the dots to form the outline of your logo. Then I took the other color and filled it all in to complete. It took about 15-20 and I did it without assistance. I say it turned out pretty good for my first time…what do you think?

You can likely get two uses out of the contents included in the kit. I may not as I think I may have been overly aggressive when doing the template and used too much paint, but that’s a beginners mistake I quickly learned. The stencil is reusable for what should be well more than two times, but you may need to get some new paint after your second application.

PROS: one person job, pretty easy to make something that looks like it belongs on the playing field, has held up to my sprinkler system without fading this week. These are pretty big logo’s too. Each team may be a bit different but around 8 feet! You won’t miss my house:)

CONS: the spray nozzle of the each spray paint can fell off every time I opened the spray paint can. simple fix but had to find the small white head in the grass. The way you hold the nozzle to shoot the paint isn’t the most comfortable

Overall, this team spirit idea is not for everyone, but if you’re like me and a Big Time Fan then you need a Great Big Logo in your yard.

Visit them today to get your lawn some team spirit

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