Grill Wrangler Review

The all in one grilling utensil! Spatula, tongs and poker all rolled into one sweet device.

Don’t you just hate having the wrong tools for the job? Don’t you hate having to flip your burger with you spatula, put it down, grab your tongs and turn those hotdogs or flip the steaks? If that is the case, then you need to check out the Grill Wrangler by Quirky. It’s the 1st all in one 3pc grilling set I have seen. With this one tool you get the Spatula, Tongs, and the Fork. With the handles locked together you got your Spatula. Slide the locking switch just a bit and the two handles come apart to create your tongs. Slide the locking switch all the way up and out comes your grill fork. Although you may not use your grill fork a whole lot, it’s still nice to have when the hotdogs are done. With the handles being full tang (mean all one piece) it will be able to hold up better and longer than grilling tools that are a couple of pieces welded or riveted together.

Pros: What’s not to love about 3 tools in 1? Less items to have to wash, takes up less space in your Tailgating gear. Costs about as much as a good 3pc set (and that would be 3 pieces you have to deal with).

Cons: Would like to see some teeth of sorts for the tongs to be able to pick up/flip items better.

Overall: Awesome tool for any Weekend Tailgater, or the seasoned Pit Master. Go get yours today.

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350 watts in a cooler. Yea they did that!

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