Guac-Lock Review

Guacamole is one of my favorite snack foods, hands down. The one problem with taking guacamole to a tailgate is that there is the chance it could get the dreaded case of the browns. This is where the guacamole turns brown and while it still tastes fine it doesn’t look visually appealing.

The team at Guac-Lock decided enough was enough and came up with the Guac-Lock the product that will keep your guac fresh and free of the brown color.

How does it work?

First step, make your amazing Guac and then load it into the Guac-Lock. You then open the lock on top to expose a small air hole and push down. All of the air (this is what causes the brown color) is pushed out so its then in an air tight and portable container.

You can easily take this to the tailgate or to your next HomeGating party.

PROS: easy to use and it works. The container is portable.

CONS: having different sizes for larger parties would be nice.

Overall, if you ever take guacamole to a party or tailgate you will want to check out this fun new invention made for YOU, the Guac lover.

Watch the video to see it in action and you too can learn how to POP LOCK and GUAC IT!

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