Handle This Cup

We’ve all been there. You head to the bar to buy a drink and then all your friends ask you to grab them one too. So there you are, at the bar with 3, 4….maybe even 5 drinks and now you have a huge problem in front of you. How to get all the drinks back to your friends with out spilling the drinks.

Well look no further than Handle This Cup, because they have solved the problem for you. They have invented a stacking cup holder that has a variety of uses. Not only can you stack multiple cups and transport them but you can also use as a handle for drinking from various types of cups. It is basically a plastic circle with a grip within the circle and a handle on one side.

I received four of them and stacked them in a few different ways and had no problems using them. I do think this would be great at a festival, concert or outdoor party to transport the ever-popular red Solo cups. I tried it with glass pint glasses and it did hold them but I did feel a little nervous that the weight may be too much after awhile. The good thing about these holders is that they have a handle so you can pass each cup out with the holder still on it and drink from your cup like it is a mug. This concept not only keeps your hands dry from the sweaty outside, it also helps to keep your drink cool longer.

Pros: Allows you to carry multiple drinks without spillage, multi-purpose as transporter and holder, available in different colors and you can add a logo.

Cons: Says you can use it a variety of cups…I’d be nervous to use heavier glass and maybe stick to plastic cups, have to remember to bring them where ever you go and they are obviously a bit bulkier than a koozie.

Overall, I think this a good concept for the outdoor events or if you are having a large party that you are bartending drinks. I see this as a great promotional tool for companies to utilize.
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