HoloGear Football Review

When the sun goes down tossing the football normally comes to an end, but not anymore with the HoloGear holographic football. This football literally shines like the sun when rays of light hit it. Let’s dive deeper into one of the most unique footballs ever in our HoloGear Football Review.

The HoloGear team was tired of the games coming to an end when the sun went down and created footballs (volleyballs and basketballs too) that have holographic properties to make your jaw drop when you see these holographic powers.


  • holographic reflective leather material
  • regulation weight and size
  • Includes HoloGlasses
  • Take a photo/video with flash and see the ball GLOW


The Hologear football arrived and two pairs of the HoloGear glasses were included (website mentions just one is normally included). The football looks pretty unique with no lights on, but it doesn’t have that wow factor. Before I got the HoloGear football I thought that it would look like the videos I saw on Instagram when any light hits it. I learned the ball will reflect sunlight and have a little glow, but the truly eye catching colors are created when you put your camera’s flash on.

We cut the flash on and it was incredible how the HoloGear football looked. The glow, the colors, the hologram feel. It was pretty amazing. The guys we played with were all impressed with just how unique the football looked when the light hit it.

We don’t always have the camera flash on and that is when the HoloGlasses come into play. These glasses have a light on each side that will activate the hologram glowing, just like a camera flash. This will allow you play hands free football once the sun goes down in a way that you’ve never seen before.


PROS: regulation size/weight, looks amazing, has hologlasses to allow you to see the ball once the sun goes down

CONS: without the proper light the balls true powers won’t come out.

Overall, this is hologear football is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the HoloGear football in action.

Check out all the holographic balls for playing past sun down by visiting HOLOGEAR

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We NEVER get paid to give a review. This way we can be honest with our fans and you all deserve that. We were sent one sample football to test out with the understanding that we will give our honest thoughts.

Written By: Luke Lorick 12/20/20

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