Holstar Holster Review

How many times have you needed a spare hand to do something awesome at a tailgating event? I know I have on multiple occasions, but you don’t always want to wait to find a safe place to set your drink down, right? Well now you can get a spare hand and look awesome at the same time!

Holstar beverage holsters have a line of genuine leather beverage holsters that make you feel like a cowboy with a six shooter on your hip.

A great thing about these is that they can come with a clip so it can attach to any pants you need and you don’t have to have a belt on to allow it to function. What’s also cool, is that they can custom brand or custom paint a logo (We had our logo imprinted) on the holster to make it your own.

The holster will accommodate regular canned and bottle drinks, sorry folks the 40 ouncers will not fit:)

PROS: genuine leather (smells great), clip to allow it to be used with any pants, the ability to customize.
CONS: are not licensed to add NCAA, or pro team logos to the holstar yet

Overall, this is an awesome product for tailgating, bacehlor parties, weddings and much more.

Check them out below:

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