Human Touch Reflex Massager Review

Gamedays can be STRESSFUL! When you love your team you know the stress of a close game, a bad play call, or a questionable call by the refs. This can lead to unneeded stress. Gamedays should be about fun, but we understand that stress can creep in. That’s why I was on a mission to find a way to help people relax, no matter what happens during the game. I linked up with Human Touch and found a portable device that can relax you when you’re homegating, or tailgating. Meet the Human Touch Reflex Massager.

Stress impacts your body in terrible ways.

high blood pressure

heart disease






and much more

In the world we live in there are already too many stressors, so I want to help you on gameday have less stress. This is where the Human Touch Reflex Massager comes in. I originally learned about Human Touch over 10 years ago when I had some back pain and purchased their original iJoy chair. Over 10 years later it is still going strong and works great. It’s not feasible to haul a big massager chair to the big game, but their Reflex Massager is portable and helps to relax your feet and calves.

The Reflex Massager has:

Under-Foot Massage Rollers and Vibration

Figure-Eight and CirQlation Technology

Warm Air Technology

Intensity Adjustment

Adjustable Tilt

We got our testing unit in and plugged it up and pushed the power button, WHOA! The pressure this machine brings is incredible. The first time all of our testers used the Reflex Massager they were shocked as it is intense. We don’t anticipate massagers to have this much power, but this one does. Once the initial shock wore off we were began to really relax. There are multiple programs built in that will work your feet and calves like they have never been worked before.

I took this to a homegating party and people were lining up to try it. Everyone wanted to take it home because they enjoyed it so much. One tester has neuropathy in one of his feet and advised he felt an immediate relief after just one use with the Reflex Massager (we are not doctors and your individual results may vary with your physical conditions).

The Reflex Massager also has warm air technology and this sounded great. Once you push the button you can feel a little heat, but I would like to see more heat from this feature. It also has vibration feature you can add to any program that will really shake things up.

After the Homegating party and everyone’s feet going into the Reflex Massager we wondered how clean the our unit was? Human Touch covered that too as the cloth on the unit can be unzipped on both sides, so you can throw it in the wash to clean out anyone’s dirty feet that may have graced the insides of your massager.

This works great in the house, but you can also take it to the tailgate too. We used our Jackery Portable Power station and could power the Reflex Massager away from home. Now you can sit at the tailgate and relax before going into the big game.

Check out our video below to show the Human Touch Reflex Massager in action. 

Overall, this product works! The amount of pressure it provides is second to none. If you have pain in your feet, or just need to chill out, then this massager could be for you.

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This is a NON paid review. We don’t take money for our reviews as we want to give you facts, not fluff. Human Touch did send us a unit to test out with the understanding it would be a fair and honest review.

Written by: Luke Lorick 11/16/19

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