Ice Frost Review

Summer is quickly approaching and keeping your drinks ice cold, in your cooler, will be a priority! The company: Ice Frost has individual packages of environmentally safe minerals that take your cooler from freezing to BELOW freezing.

We got our samples in and tested multiple ways, in a controlled environment, to determine the impact Ice Frost can make for your cooler.

Test One: We filled two tumblers up with the same amount of ice and added Ice Frost to one of them. We checked back in about 40 minutes and did a digital temperature test. The Ice Frost was down to a frosty 9 degrees, while the the tester with only ice was at 31 degrees. 22 degrees difference isn’t bad for under an hour.

Test Two: Ice Frost vs Rock Salt. We know that Rock Salt can bring the temps down in a cooler based on other tests I’ve done in the past, so how will Ice Frost do against Rock Salt….This round we filled the same two cups up with the same amount of ice and waited 40 minutes.  The Ice Frost came in at an even cooler 5 degrees!  Next up we temperature tested the Rock Salt and it came back right under 2 degrees!  Both were extremely cold, but the Rock Salt was just a touch colder in our testing.

*Testing done in cups to ensure consistency, but as a reminder DO NOT EAT OR DRINK Ice Frost.

PROS: Ice Frost comes in convenient package for easy use. Gets cooler contents far below freezing

CONS: Not quite as impactful as Rock Salt

Overall, great idea to grab a individual package if you’re going to be out for an extended period of time and need to keep ice longer than normal. It is also great if you love your drinks to be Ice Frost cold. They just taste better when they are as cold as possible!

You can get yours at Camping World or by ordering online at:


Your individual results may vary based on usage and amount of product used.

Test One: Ice Frost vs Ice
Test Two: Ice Frost vs Rock Salt

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