IcyBreeze Cooler Review

Everyone needs a cooler, but I love coolers that do more than just keep a beer cold. The IcyBreeze cooler does something no other cooler can: it keeps your beer cold and it can keep YOU cool too. You heard correctly, this cooler converts into a personal air conditioning unit to use its cooling power to keep you chilled, just like your beer.

The IcyBreeze, at its core, is a cooler, but at first glance you can tell that this cooler is special. On top of the cooler is an adjustable air conditioning pipe that you can bend and twist to shoot the cool air where you want it.

Lets talk about using the IcyBreeze. When it is time for action, you need to put a little water in the bottom of the cooler (this is for the AC unit) you can then put in the Icy Block which can be frozen over and over again (this helps keep the cooler cold long) then load up with ice and your drinks of choice.  When you start to get a little warm just cut the adjustable speed unit on and position the AC tube where you want the cool air to blow. It’s really as simple a that.

The IcyBreeze cooler will help keep you cool, but it won’t keep you and all of your friends cool. Its more of a personal cooling unit vs. a unit that can keep an entire room or tailgate cool. When testing the cooler out it does a great job of keeping ice for well over 72 hours…unless you are using the AC unit consistently. It makes sense that if you’re pulling the cold air from inside the cooler to help cool you off it would reduce how long the interior contents will stay cool.

PROS: A cooler that keeps you cool too! What more is there to say:) It has adjustable speeds for the fan and can keep ice for well over 72 hours (when AC not in use)

CONS: If you use the AC feature the longevity of the ice will be reduced

Overall, this is a cooler that serves a purpose to keep you as cool as the beers that you’re enjoying on a hot summer day. If you love being outside in the summer and need a new way to beat the heat then its time to check out the IcyBreeze cooler.

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*The opinions above are mine and mine alone. Your individual results may vary. Stay Cool out there!

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