Igloo Party Bar Review

Ever thrown a party at night? Was it hard to see what kind of drink you were grabbing in the cooler? Well Igloo Coolers has fixed that problem with the Igloo Party Bar.

The Party Bar is the classic Igloo cooler and quality, but with some twists. It has rollers to allow easy mobility of the product when it is fully loaded. It also has a built in bottle opener on the outside of the cooler. The coolest part though, are the LED lights and fully encircle the inside of the cooler. At night this looks VERY cool.  It also fixes the problem of trying to see what drinks are in a cooler.

Assembly took about 30 minutes (could vary depending who you are or if you have another set of hands) You will need a wrench and a screwdriver. We also used a drill to help install the bottle opener.

PROS: LED lights inside the cooler, the cooler just looks coo (has the look of aluminum but with the durability and light weight of plastic)l, good sized, rollers that can help move the cooler (they have locks on them too, so it won’t roll away). Bottle opener with cap catcher built in.

CONS: you can’t sit on the lid like most coolers (not built for that), the igloo sticker fell off when sitting in hot sun.

Overall, the cooler as a WOW factor and fits a need for backyard parties at night. We’d recommend you take a look at this cooler and think how it could improve your night time fun.
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