Iurek Heated Vest Review

Living in Colorado it can get cold, but the cold should never keep you from doing what you love. Having the right gear will help ensure you are always ready for whatever mother nature brings your way. Let’s get into the Iurek Heated Vest Review.

We’ve tested various heated gear over the last few years and I love the thought of having heat on demand. That’s essentially what you get with these type of products and the Iurek Heated Vest is no exception. There are a few companies that make heated gear, so let’s take a look at some of the feature of the Iurek Heated Vest that could help this stand out from the pack.



-1 button control

-can heat up to 10 hours (will depend on what heating level you use)

-wind and water resistant

-machine washable (take the battery out first!)

-3 heating levels

-removeable hood

When you get your heated vest in, it comes in a nice zipper bag and everything looks of great quality. We first charged the battery all the way up (Each of the batteries we got was around 50-60% charged out of the box) it is recommended to charge each battery all the way up prior to the first use.

While we are on the battery there are two things that stand out about this battery. First, it is smaller than other heated gear batteries that I’ve tested. This is a big win, as these batteries can add weight and be uncomfortable when sitting down. Also this battery has a digital numerical read out, to tell you exactly how much power is left. Other batteries we have tested use dots vs. numbers.

The heated vest is lightweight and not overly bulky. I have other vests that are thicker vests and aren’t quite as comfortable for some more physical outdoor activities. Even with it being lightweight, it still does a good job of keeping the cold/wind out of your core.

Field Test

Our team got three of these vest to test and what better way to put these heated vests to the test then with sub freezing temperatures, on an early morning hike? We started the hike out with the temperature of 18 degrees. We were really hoping these Iurek Heated Vests were going to warm us up. We each put on our vest, held the power button and watched the red light come on. In a matter of about 20 seconds we could start feeling the heat in our back, chest and pockets.

The heated pockets were great as we forgot to bring gloves and this was a life saver. Having a light backpack on really helped you feel the heating in the back panels of this heated vests. One of our team members was not aware that there were 3 different heat settings and when I looked back at him, remember it is 18 degrees, he is pouring sweat. We reminded him that you can change off the hottest setting to adjust for the amount of heat that you need.

We reached the top of the mountain and we all had positive stories to tell about how highly we thought of these vests. In doing some math I estimated that if you’re using various heat settings on your trip you’ll get around 7 hours of charge out of a fully charged battery.

In Conclusion

PROS: lightweight, smaller battery, digital read out on battery, hood, heated pockets

CONS: the only con/worry we have is how these will hold up long term as one of the hood elastic cords popped when adjusting it on our first use. This was only with one of the vests, so we will keep an eye on how these hold up over the coming months.

Overall, we were all big fans of this heated hoodie vest. The only other thing I’d want from this vest to make it perfect would be the ability to have different colors. Black is the only color choice, at this time.

You can get your own Iurek Heated Vest on AMAZON

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/6/20

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