Jackery Armor Review

We have all been there, you’re having a great time and you notice your phone is about to die. From being out hiking, camping, or at a tailgate, a dead phone sucks and can be dangerous. Bringing a big generator, or finding a plug can be next to impossible, but Jackery brought out a small way to ensure you can keep your phone charged anywhere.

Meet the Jackery Armor this hand sized power block is ready to help keep your phone charged up, no matter where you adventures take you. The Armor is small enough to fit in your pocket or also attach to your gear, as it has a carabiner too. It has a small compass and a built in flashlight. Talk about your new best friend! Oh and it can charge your phone multiple times too.

When I got my Jackery Armor in I was impressed, as it was finally something that was small enough to take with me anywhere, but still packed some power. The first step is to charge the Armor up. You do this with the included cord (which is a standard micro USB cord). When testing it out it can give you over 3 full charges on your mobile phone. What if it starts raining? That is no problem as the Jackery Armor is also waterproof! Something that happens more frequently than water is people dropping things and the Jackery Armor was built to withstand a drop.

As the Jackery claims to be shockproof I had to put it to the test in an extreme way, I had to hit it with my truck! You can watch the video below, but I literally ran over this with my Dodge Ram and checked it afterwards for both damaged and functionality. I fully thought it would keep working, which it did. What really surprised me was that it didn’t have any damage. There was some dirt and scuffs that came off when I wiped it down. Further it went right back to work charging a cell phone soon after being hit by a truck. Talk about shockproof!

PROS: light, portable, flashlight, compass, waterproof,shockproof, and charges your phone up to 3 times.

CONS: hard for me to keep one as people keep wanting to borrow it

Overall, this is an excellent product that does exactly what it says for a price point that is very fair. Currently on Amazon its under $27.00. Keeping one of these in your car, or your backpack could get you out of a sticky situation one day.

Keep your phone charged and get a Jackery Armor today.


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