Jackery Explorer 240 Review

We all want power. We all want to watch tv at the tailgate and with that we have to have power. This usually means lugging a heavy, noisy, gas sucking generator out to the tailgate. That has never been my favorite thing to do, but now there is an easier way with what I call the Tesla of generators. The Jackery Explorer 240 is a solar powered generator ready to take your tailgate to a cleaner and greener level.

The Jackery Explorer 240 gives you outdoor portable power that can help power lights, phones, laptops, TVs, blenders and much more. It sports features such as surge protection, short circuit protection, temperature control and pure sine wave. To get started you simply charge the Explorer 240 up at home, as it is essentially a large power station that can store the power and then output it to a variety of energy thirsty products. There is a battery % indicator, along with Input Watts and Output Watts on the digital display panel.  The Jackery Explorer 240 has 2 USB outputs and one AC output to push the power to your devices.

The Jackery Explorer 240 can power a TV for over three hours. What if a game lasts for longer than three hours? That could be a problem unless you have the optional Solar Panel that works in conjunction with the Explorer 240 to take the power of the sun and turn it into power for your electronics. The Solar Panel provides power to your devices, but it won’t hold power in a bank. Essentially if the sun is out then the tv (or other device) is powered up,if the sun goes down the tv goes cuts off.

I did a live video (see below) using the Jackery Explorer 240 and used a high power blender in the testing of the product. The blender fired right up on low speed. Once I flipped it into high speed it cut off. Not sure if the huge surge in power was too much for this generator?

In all the other tests I’ve done with items that draw a constant charge I did not experience any problems.

A few things that I really love about the Jackery Explorer 240:

-It is extremely portable. It only weighs a few pounds and I can pick it up with 1 finger. 

-Easy to use just charge it and then use it

-Solar Panel is easy to use and also very portable

-Digital display

My wish list for the Jackery Explorer 240:

-Wish it could run multiple applicances that use the AC plug (it only has 1)

-Wish the solar panel would store power for later use

Overall, this is an excellent product for tailgating and camping. The Jackery Explorer 240 is the most portable and easiest to use generator I have gotten my hands on to date. If you’re ready to get rid of the gas guzzling, noisy, clunky generator you currently have then visit Jackery today.


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