Just Squeeze It Review Blog

If you sit in bumper to bumper traffic, or have ever been a little frustrated after your team lost the big game then you may get stressed behind the wheel. Let’s face it road rage is a real thing and if you have it, or just need to relax in general (behind the wheel) then it is time for you to: Just Squeeze It!

The Just Squeeze It is a steering wheel cover that has gel pads inserted at the four corners, so you can squeeze it out when you start to get annoyed at the sea of brake lights in front of you. You can squeeze it out when your team lost the big game and you are on the way home. The Just Squeeze It comes in 3 sizes: one for your regular passenger vehicle, semi trucks and golf carts.

With all the hours that semi-truck drivers log behind the wheel they really need to squeeze it! Golfers, have a terrible shot and are trying to watch your potty mouth, then you better just squeeze it! The Just Squeeze can be used to relax and build up your forearm strength too.

I installed one on my Dodge Ram by myself. It takes a little effort to work it around the steering wheel to fit, but not terrible. It looks pretty good and the gel pads are nice to SQUEEZE:)


PROS: fits just about any type of steering wheel, actually feels good when you SQUEEZE IT!

CONS: they need to double the thickness of the squeeze it areas for even better results.

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