KoozTees Review

A shirt can say a lot about you. What do you want yours to say? Do you want it to fade you into the background of mediocrity, or have something that shows your awesomeness? We got our hands on some of the KoozTees shirts and learned, first hand, that these shirts will make you the life of the party.

The team at Kooztees reached out to us to check out their new line of fun shirts, because they had seen our fun reviews and recognized that we were pretty awesome:) In reality they knew that their shirts could have a place at tailgating parties and wanted our honest feedback on their new shirts.

The Kooztees come in a variety of fun styles to help you stand out, but there is one feature that really helps you stand out: Built In Koozie Pocket! That’s right each shirt has a built in koozie pocket on the left breast of the shirt. There is actually a koozie in the pocket, so you have warm nips and cold brews! This sounded like something that was up our alley, so we quickly agreed to test out some of these shirts.

We got a couple of styles in. I opted for the Bigfoot and The Austin designs. The Bigfoot I went with because I want to believe there is a bigfoot and of course it’s sure to start a conversation when I wear it. The Austin is their most brightly colored shirt (as seen in the video below) and there is something about a bright shirt that brings out positive vibes from all those that you come in contact with. We love engaging with people and bringing that positive energy, so now it was time to put these KoozTees shirts to the test.

I brought The Austin shirt to a recent trip to Cozumel, Mexico to see how this shirt would do at my cousins wedding. Everyone has to appreciate a guy showing up to a wedding with a built in koozie pocket, right? The beach wedding went perfectly and I could tell some people were eyeing my unique style. It wasn’t until the reception that the KoozTees unleashed it’s full power. I grabbed a can of beer and sild it in the pocket and began working the party. As I would drink I would slide the drink into the koozie pocket and people would stop and say “Wait do you have koozie in that shirt?” That’s when I showed them that there was an actual koozie built in and people were pretty impressed. Not sure if it was the bright styling of the shirt, the built in koozie or the open bar, but this shirt was the hit of the party!

The KoozTees shirt comes in handy for any of the following:

-When you don’t have a koozie on hand

-When you want to stand out from the crowd

-When you need to bust out some ‘sweet’ dance moves at the wedding

-Free hand to play cornhole and the list goes on….

The KoozTees is made from 100% cotton and come in sizes Small-XXL. The koozie pocket is stitched onto the shirt for stability. In regards to stability I would not recommend using beer bottles with this as, when they are full it could present a challenge for this koozie pocket. Your standard beer cans will work best.

We are fans of the KoozTees shirts and hope we can get an official TAILGATING edition in the works for the future.

If you’re ready to take your style and koozie game to the next level then check out KoozTees: https://kooztees.com/

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KoozTees did send us samples to test out with the intention of getting our honest feedback.

Written by: Luke Lorick 12/3/19

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