Krazy Backyard Table/Scoreboard

Does it seem like every time you go to tailgate people are always looking for a place to sit their drink or food? It usually ends up on top of the car or the ground. How many times have you split your food or drink as there was no good place to put it down? The good people at Krazy Backyard have fixed this problem.

They came up with an amazing idea for all of us tailgaters and backyard gamers.  The new backyard game scoreboard/table combines a portable table with a scoreboard.  When you are playing a game of corn hole or Krazy Coasters you have a place to put your food/drink, as well as keep score of the game.

The table is weather resistant and can be used as stand alone or you can add on the scoreboard when its time to get your game on.

The best part of this table is the base. It comes in two options: one is a standard base that you can fill with water, sand etc or, our favorite the lawn anchor base.  The lawn anchor base is actually a heavy duty screw that you can screw into the ground when you are off the pavement.

Pros: convenient, many options to choose from, weather proof, portable, the lawn anchor feature.

Cons: The only Con we could muster up is possibly making the tables in other colors aside from white

All in all this is a great idea whether you need a spare table for a tailgate or, if you also need to help keep score of your game while getting ready for the big game.

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