My Flip Fork Review

When you are manning the grill you have to have the right tools. How many times have you had to run back inside to grab another grilling tool? Worse yet, you’re at the tailgate and realize you don’t have the grilling tools you need to be the grillmaster you were born to be! We found the My Flip Fork that actually has 5 tools in 1!

The My Flip Fork is the tool to help you replace multiple grilling utensils. The My Flip Fork has the following features:




-Bottle Opener

-Meat Tenderizer

We got our Flip Fork ‘Boss’ in and noticed that there were actually TWO in the box. There is the original ‘Boss’ and the mini version called the My Flip Fork ‘Flex’. The one difference, aside from the size, is that the ‘Flex’ has a spice grater instead of a bottle opener. We tested the Flip Fork while we were grilling some burgers and steaks to see how it stacks up.

The total length of the Flip Fork is about a foot and half, so you can flip the meat without having to get your hands too close to the open flame. The handle is made from Acacia wood that is moisture resistant and also naturally antimicrobial. The wooden handle then gives way to the stainless steel spatula that holds all of the grilling tools.

What can we say about the spatula, it works. It will flip the meat with no problem. Works as designed, but nothing earth shattering. It’s all the other tools that are part of the spatula that give great value to the My Flip Fork.

The flat spatula surface gives way to a single fork that an be used to poke and grab the meat. This can come in handy with certain types of meat ie: hot dogs or sausages. This wont be needed every time you grill, but it doesn’t get in the way and it’s there when you need it.

On the side of the fork feature is the knife. The knife is sharp, but not cut yourself if you touch it sharp. The knife can be used to cut up veggies before you start grilling, or to cut the meat to see if it’s done. Again, this is a nice feature to have as you never know when you may need a knife. Now it’s built in to your spatula.

The Meat Tenderizer is on the opposite side of the spatula. A tenderizer is needed for more inexpensive cuts of meat that may be tough. You can use the tenderizer to help make the meat not quite as tough on your jaw when chewing it. This tenderizer is a little smaller than some of the mallets that you use and you’ll have to work it a little more given the small surface area of the tenderizer on the Flip Fork.

Finally, there is a built in bottle opener in the spatula. This is pretty cool and it works (Check out the video below) to pop the tops off your cold beverages. I used it before I got the spatula involved with raw meat and it worked perfectly to pop the top. My concern would be if you were cooking chicken and there was some chicken juice by the bottle opener section, would you really want to use that on your bottle? You could get raw chicken on the bottle and then you, or your friends could end up sick. Again great idea, but use this wisely.

Overall, I’m a fan of the My Flip Fork especially if you’re heading out to the tailgate, because you can pack lighter. Bring less grilling gear and remain the grilling champion with the My Flip Fork. The only options it’s missing is a spatula and a light. Maybe a future upgrade….

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Written by: Luke Lorick 11/17/19

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