Nuvelon Flare Speaker Review

I love music. Music helps turn a bad day into a great one, or a good day into an awesome one. From the house to the car, to the gym, I always have music on hand. You know when I tailgate I need some good tunes to help bring the smiles out on those around me. I remember when I first started tailgating, I would leave my car on and listen to music through the vehicle speakers. This was great, but ever so often I had to go crank the car up to ensure that I never got a dead battery. A dead battery at a tailgate could ruin the whole day and you can’t have that. We have come a long way since then and I’ve found one of the coolest speakers to take to the next tailgate with theNuvelon Flare speaker.

Sure there are hundreds, probably even thousands of Bluetooth speaker options out there, so what makes the Nuvelon Flare so amazing? Great question and here are some short answers as to why:

-15 watts of power through 4 speakers

-ability to sync 100, YES up to 100 of these together for an insane party (you can do any amount in between)

-long battery life, they even cut off if your Bluetooth device moves out of range to save on battery life

-color changing LED lights! You can have them dance or stay on your favorite color and they last up to 50,000 hours

-splash resistant to water (they will not do well if placed fully underwater FYI)

We got two Nuvelon Flare speakers in to test out. I pulled them out of the box and they have a solid handle on the top and are simple to transport anywhere. I powered them on and then used the SYNC buttons to SYNC the two of them together. BOOM, instant surround sound, as you can place them across the room and have immersive sound.  The speakers have excellent sound and even one Flare speaker is loud enough for most parties. I do like the idea of having a couple of these in different points, as it really lets you enjoy the music anywhere at the party.

The other part that really sets the Nuvelon speakers apart from the competition is the LED lights that are on both sides of the Flare speakers. The LED light panels run from the top to the bottom and give you the ability to get just the right colors to suit your mood. You can do a solid color and within that color there are three levels of brightness. My favorite light setting is still the rotating colors that can have an almost trance like effect on you.

Before I received the Nuvelon Flare speakers I was intrigued, but I didn’t know how much I’d like these speakers until I got to play with them. For the Bluetooth speakers I’ve tested these are currently my favorite to date!

Check out the video below to see the Nuvelon Flare speaker in action in SYNC mode and all the different colors they will produce. Are you ready to have more fun from a Bluetooth speaker? Then it’s time to get your FLARE on!


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