Party Cup Holders Review

There is nothing worse than spilling your drink! Ok, I may be over exaggerating, but spilling your drink is one party foul that you need to avoid. The team at Storage Theory is all about helping you stop party fouls and thus the Party Cup Holder was created.

The Party Cup Holder is just that: a holder of your solo cup, so you can get a better grip on things. The Party Cup Holder is actually 3D printed from plastic and feels great in your hand. The Party Cup Holder is light-weight and is textured to ensure it won’t slip.

I busted a couple of these out and it was amazing to see people come up to look at them closer and ask questions. Think about a time you put sun screen on at the game, had a juicy burger, or ate some greasy tailgate snacks that got your hand a little slippery. When your greasy hand comes in contact to the plain old solo cup it could be a nightmare in the making. The slippery grease on the sleek plastic of the solo cup could allow you to lose your grip and before you know it you’ve spilt your drink, your friends are laughing at your and you now want to go home. Stop the madness with the Party Cup Holder.

Let me help walk you through the instructions to use them:

1. Pull a Party Cup Holder out

2. Drop a solo cup in the Party Cup Holder

3. Pour your drink and enjoy. 

Ok, so you don’t need a manual to show you how to use these Party Cup Holders, but I wanted to show that yeah, it’s really that easy to use.

The party cup holders come in white or black and are ready to help you stop the following:

1.Warming up your drink with your hands. 

2.Getting your hands cold by gripping the ice cold drink.

3.Allowing the sweet nectar of the gods in your cup to spill.

4.Allows you to look fancy, no matter what is actually in your red solo cup.

PROS: comes in 2 colors, feels great in your hands, allows you to get a grip on your drink

CONS: they will not fold flat to fit in your pocket. Should you be walking around the venue and need to head into the stadium you can toss your solo cup, but these won’t fit in your pocket.

Overall, if you’re hanging around the tailgate and you want to avoid party fouls, while classing up your solo cup, then it’s time for a Party Cup Holder.

Stop party fouls from happening and order yours today HERE

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