Pelican Elite Coolers

If you are a tailgater or camper then you have at least one cooler, right? Nowadays its all about how long can you keep your drinks the coldest possible. I mean let’s be honest the colder the drink the better.

Pelican has been making coolers since 2012 and are a well known player in the keeping things cool game. They just took the game to a different level with their new ELITE model cooler series. The claim is that it will keep ice for days. Only one way to find out!

We were sent the 30 quart cooler to test out. On first glance the cooler is, for lack of a better word, sexy. It has a rugged look that when compared to many coolers (oh yes I have many to compare with just ask my wife!) stands out. Ok, so the design looks great, but good looks aren’t keeping my beers cold. Point taken.

I then filled the cooler up with 20 pounds of ice and a hand full of drinks to test the Pelican cooler out. I documented the process with pics every 24 hours so you could see for yourself (see photos below)

The results were pretty impressive. We are over four days into the test and there is just a little ice left, but the cooler temperature is still ice cold. Yep four days this bad boy will keep ice and will still keep things cold longer. Not too shabby, right?

PROS: keeps ice for 4 days. love the latches, bottle opener built in, rugged eye-pleasing design

CONS: the thickness and size of the cooler is larger than that of similar 30 quart models

Overall, this is a great looking cooler that can back up its claim that it keeps ice for days. Looking for the latest and greatest in a new cooler? You may have found it.

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