Pit Barrel Cooker

If you love being outdoors and the smell of food coming off the grill then its time to check out the Pit Barrell Cooker. This is is a barrel cooker that uses charcoal to cook just about anything to perfection.

My first impressions was like how cool is it to cook in a barrel!? After we unboxed the set the barrel up on the stand (to keep the heat off direct contact with the ground) you then fill the charcoal basket up with charcoal and use lighter fluid to prep the charcoal. Then you light up the charcoal (this was the hardest part to me as you had to lean over into the barrel to light the charcoal) then wait about 15 minutes and you’re ready to grill.

Here is where the real beauty of this cooker lies. You have multiple attachments to use for flat, standard grill surface, you can use it to hang meats ie: turkey, or do a combo where part of the cooker is used for flat grilling and other part is used to hang chicken, ribs etc.

While cooking it gives off plenty of aroma filled smoke that I’m sure made the neighbors jealous.

In my first cooking session I cooked halibut fish on planks, NY strip steaks and a variety of veggies on the flat surface attachment.

The possibilities are endless on how you use and what you cook with the Pit Barrel Cooker. Stay tuned for more videos of things that we prep on this unique grilling machine!

PROS: cooks just about thing, cool design, this may be the ultimate way to prepare that Thanksgiving Day Turkey

CONS: lighting the charcoal by leaning over the cooker is the most challenging thing. There is no side table to place your cooking tools, There is no built in therometer to check to the internal temp of the barrel.

Overall if you want a fun new way of grilling that can grill any meat you can think of, then its time to join the barrelution…Pit Barrel Cooker!

Stay tuned for future videos of food we prep on the Pit Barrel Cooker….

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