Plate-A-Cup Review

Isn’t it frustrating when you tailgate and there is no place to sit to eat, or anywhere to put your food and drinks? Do you find yourself trying to juggle your food, your cup, your silverware, and even your personal belongings too? The people at eco-eats have solved this problem!

The Plate-A-Cup is a new ingenious easy to carry disposable plate that holds your food AND your drink too, all in one. Gone are the days of having to hold your plate in one hand, drink in the other, and trying to figure out how to eat all at the same time. It was easy to hold and really convenient to use. People of all ages were able to use the Plate-A-Cup, making it kid and family friendly too.

The Plate-A-cup holds cups, wine glasses, cans, and bottles. It is extremely durable and grease resistant. We put it to the test with some sloppy spaghetti and the Plate-A-Cup did not leak, become soggy or wet, it did not tear or show any signs of weakness whatsoever. We were impressed. The most impressive part of Plate-A-Cup is that they are biodegradable, compostable, sustainable, and made out of sugarcane. They even ingeniously made the Plate-A-Cup square just for the purpose of using up as much space as possible in packaging. This way the shipping of their product can be as environmentally friendly as the product itself. They really did think of everything!

Pros: convenient, practical, extremely durable, family friendly, and eco-friendly.

Cons: Not yet readily available in local stores, again, YET. If you like a reusable plate for party after party this may not be for you.

Overall, we love this product and this company! The Plate-A-Cup is a real problem solver for anyone that goes tailgating, camping, to backyard cookouts and parties, etc.

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