PortoVino Wine Purse

There are times when we need to be discrete with our enjoyment of wine. The team at Bella Vita Bags understands that and came out with the PortoVino Wine Purse.

From the outside it looks like a fashinable leather purse. Even opening the purse doesn’t raise any red flags, until you open one zipper. Behind this zipper is an insulated compartment that allows you to place a pouch of wine (Yes it will hold the entire bottle!) for your enjoyment! There is also a flap on the back side of the purse that allows easy access to the spout for you to pour the wine (heck you could fill it up with other drinks too if you desire) into a cup without anyone taking notice.

The PortoVino purses come in color choices of blue, red or black and they have a beach bag edition too.

This is also a great idea for pool parties or beach days as you are not allowed to bring glass bottles, for safety.

Check out the Video to see the bag in action!

PROS: great looking purse that you wouldn’t know held an amazing wine like secret! When not used with wine it still makes a good purse for day to day use.

CONS: They recommend the pouch that holds the wine be replaced after each use. While recommended you may be able to clean and reuse as I did with mine.

Overall, great idea for beach days, pool parties, tailgating events and more.


Get yours today by visiting HERE

*Please drink responsibly and remember to never drink and drive. Certain states have open container laws that you should observe. 

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