Practice, We are talking about Practice

We all have heard the saying that practice makes perfect. Well this is true in all things in life, especially tailgating.

We get it and know most tailgaters are only active during football season, but there are many reasons why you should keep your tailgating skills honed in the offseason.

1. tailgating injuries: Tailgaters never get injured, right? Wrong, we have seen it all too many times where people have fallen off a tailgate, ran to catch a pass and fallen down, try to open a drink and hurt their hand. We even saw two men race each other in the street and one face planted. So YES injuries can happen, but with proper off season training you can reduce the risk of injury to you and your tailgating crew.

2. better tailgates: Think about it, the more you practice your craft the better you become. Training in the offseason may open up ideas and new products you see that will help you tailgate better when football season rolls around.

3. less waste: Learn how to properly open your beer so it doesn’t shoot out the top, make sure if you pop bottles you keep the bubbly in the bottle, spill your drink less. All this comes with practice. You can expect to take 8 months off from the gym and then go in and dominate like you did before.

4. ITS FUN: come on if you had to read this far to convice yourself to tailgate more often then…..get it together!! Tailgating should be a year long tradition for all!

While we can’t wait for football season we will continue to train in the in ‘offseason’ to be even better than last year.

We hope this has inspired you to perfect your tailgating prowess. Now go out there and DO WORK!

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