Qomotop Zero Gravity Chair Review

We love testing out new chairs. From the tailgate to the campgrounds, portable chairs are an essential item to comfortably enjoy your time outdoors. We have tested many portable chairs out, but today we test our first Zero Gravity chair by Qomotop.

The Qomotop zero gravity chairs are in a different class of chairs from many we review and I’ll get into the specs and why that this. The majority of portable chairs do not have the ability to help you relax at 170 degree angles to really take the weight off.

The Qomotop Zero Gravity Chair boasts the following features: 

-350 pound weight capacity (we also saw a tag saying 300 pounds capacity in full transparency)

-Fits up to 6 feet 2 inch body types

-170 degrees of adjustments to find the perfect position

-21 pounds

-fold out side table to hold drinks, snacks, phone etc. 

-removable pillow headrest 

These Qomotop chairs come in blue and brown colors that can be found on Amazon to purchase. We got one of each color chair to put these to our Tailgating Challenge.

The chairs arrived soon after we placed our order on Amazon in individual boxes. These chairs weigh more than most of the portable chairs we have tested, tipping the scales at over 21 pounds each. This can be impactful when carrying a chair longer distances for your relaxation destination. They also do not have a good locking mechanism for carrying, so you have to focus on holding the chair together when you are moving it around, so it doesn’t fold out.

The Qomotop Zero Gravity chair is simple to set up and you’ll have it ready for action in a matter of seconds. The chair feels pretty rugged and at 185 pounds I had no concerns about durability or stability.  They even have a removable headrest to allow you really get your chill on.

This chair comes with a fold out side table, which is a great idea, to hold your snacks, or beverages. The reality is, is that this table could be designed better. The table was challenging at times to pull out and then put away. Another side note, you must close the table to the original position before attempting to fold up your chair, or you could have some parts coming off. These were fixable issues, but while I love the idea of the table it simply is not user friendly.

Finally, lets talk about the comfort of this chair. It is AWESOME. The 170 degrees of movement to get that zero gravity feel is amazing. Heck, our videographer took a nap in this chair during the shoot! This is one of the most comfortable tailgating chairs we have tested and it passes that test with flying colors.

Overall, this chair is the ultimate in comfort, but is a little bulky and needs a better side table design.

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We NEVER get paid for reviews, so we can always keep it real. We were provided samples of the chairs to test out and give our honest feedback on.

Written By: Luke Lorick 9/22/20

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