Ridgeback Lighting Review

Ever tailgated into the night and needed some extra light? How about that dark area in your motorhome or truck that you need to see? Ridgeback lighting is helping add light to your next tailgating affair.

Ridgeback lighting sells LED lights that you can mount in your vehicle, trailer, motor home or back of your truck. These lights can be wired directly to your vehicles electrical system or simple plug into the 12 volt power supply that all vehicles come with.

The unit is lightweight and slim, but still provides a good amount of light for your use.

PROS: lightweight, slim, good lighting

CONS: need the ability to disconnect the power cord from the light to allow it to plug in only when needed, should you mount it. Otherwise there will be extra wire hanging.

Need to shed some light on your next tailgating or outdoor party. Check out Ridgeback Lighting.


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